It's 4:30pm here, and I've just got back from running, so I'm going to distract myself from how much my legs hate me with a good ol' bowl of green. Not that I normally need an excuse, but I beat my personal best for 5Km today, so I'm calling it a celebration! » 4/19/14 11:43am Today 11:43am

From what I remember from applying to colleges, Columbia and the other Ivies are super good with financial aid, even for students who wouldn't normally qualify for loans and grants, because of their endowments. Both Yale and Columbia would have covered my entire tuition and housing bill as an international student (had … » 4/17/14 5:06pm Thursday 5:06pm

You never know, it could be a gritty crime thriller in which a taciturn, deeply troubled cop teams up with a similarly taciturn and troubled cop to track down the suppliers of high value black market body parts, leading them both into the depths of a criminal underworld that plays on their darkest fears and almost… » 4/15/14 6:14pm Tuesday 6:14pm

Support this petition and help promote gender equality in sport!

Even if you don't care about football (soccer) or sports in general, please sign this petition. It's calling for Manchester United, the world's most valuable sports brand, to commit some of it's £363m ($607m) operating revenues towards supporting women's football, including fielding a team of its own in the FA Women's… » 4/14/14 5:37pm Monday 5:37pm

Boys, on the other hand, are a handful. Just trying to get boys to sit still and pay attention is a real challenge for any parent or teacher. As a result, boys are given a lot more feedback that emphasizes effort (e.g., "If you would just pay attention you could learn this," "If you would just try a little harder you…

» 4/14/14 1:08pm Monday 1:08pm